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Welcome to Thorskogs Grand Manor House. This unique home has been open as a tranquil oasis for weary businessmen since 1986. Thorskogs Grand Manor House is situated in the beautiful county of Bohuslän in the west of Sweden.

This is the ideal venue for something out of the ordinary. Here you will find peace, supreme comfort and personal attention all in rich, historical surroundings. This is the ’somewhere’ to bring your dearest when you wish to indulge yourselves in absolute luxury or simply get away from it all. Stroll in the deep, old forests or make time for a round of golf and end the day with an excellent dinner for two. Here we will help you celebrate the most important days of your life, be it your wedding, a significant birthday or an important anniversary. We are here to guarantee the day lives up to your dreams.
This is also just the location for you and your colleagues to enjoy a successful conference in a creative atmosphere with a wide choice of activities and superb food in meticulously decorated and beautifully furnished rooms.

Over the years Thorskogs Grand Manor House has been the home of numerous prestigious guests including; George & Barbara Bush, Michail Gorbachov, John Major, Benazir Bhutto, and F.W de Klerk.

Thorskogs Grand Manor – something very much out of the ordinary. By the time you make your departure through the great gates you will know the reasons why.

Just 40 kilometres north of Gothenburg, Sweden.


The history of Thorskogs Grand Manor House dates back to 1249, when the Norwegian King Haakon Haakonson the Elder, and the Swedish Earl, Birger Jarl, met and sat down at Torskebacke (the Norwegian name of Thorskog) and signed the ’permanent’ peace treaty between Norway and Sweden. However, there was only peace for a short time, and it would be another 400 years before it and the County of Bohuslän became Swedish in 1658.
In 1730 Olof Wenngren arrived at Thorskog and founded a business.

He built the original Manor House on the site of today’s house. He also laid out the ponds and the park. He was highly honoured, became an aristocrat and left in his will the right for the Manor to carry his heraldic sign.

The Thorskogs Grand Manor House you see today was built in 1892 by Shipyard Magnate Petter Larson. In 1865 he founded a shipyard on the Manor House side of the river Göta Älv. The shipyard was very profitable and made him a rich man.

Eskil Larson, his son, inherited his father’s company in 1912. Eskil died, aged 50, in 1926. His widow sold the Grand Manor and then a succession of private owners followed. Thorskogs Grand Manor was bought by the current owners, Lena and Tommy Jonsson in 1986 and they transformed the slumbering old Manor into a stylish oasis for stressed business people and admirers of the good life.

Thorskogs Grand Manor House

We have the most beautiful English Park surrounding the Grand Manor House. In the Park you can do some pitching & putting on our own golf course and play boule in the shadow of the apple tree. There are signposted walking trails of 3, 4 and 6 kilometres in the old forest. Enjoy a sauna bath.

Suites: 9
Conference rooms: 7, from 2 – 110 guests
Double rooms: 21
Dining-rooms: 6, from 4 – 110 guests
Single rooms: 10
Total beds: 70

The guest rooms are located in different buildings.

At Thorskogs Slott we arrange Weddings, Private partys, Weekend Arrangements, Kick offs, conferences, Wilderness days, Wine tasting, Chocolate tasting, Cooking evenings and much more.

Please contact us for more detailed information regarding special offers.